254 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

FRIDAY, APRIL 21ST 2017 @ 9:30pm

The thrill of live theatre is that anything can happen on a given night, and that concept is pushed to the extreme by Mind The Art Entertainment’s innovative productions
— TDF Stages

Mind The Art Entertainment, the award winning company behind Fatty Fatty No FriendsBeware the Chupacabra and Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg, returns to Feinstein’s54 Below once again (A Drink with DeathTwisted Operettas) to kick start their 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. Featuring works co-created by over one thousand international multidisciplinary artists under the Artistic Direction of New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee Christian De Gré embark on a ten year journey spanning through:

Parallel universes as two roommates flee a murderous landlady: DIE: ROLL TO PROCEED
A homeless encampment for the impotent: STORYTIME WITH MR. BUTTERMEN
The viceral insides of a vengeful school yard murderer: FATTY FATTY NO FRIENDS
A permashloshed back alley of post apocalyptic Williamsburg: WHISKEY PANTS: THE MAYOR OF WILLIAMSBURG
The pursuit of a mythical Mexican goat sucking beast: BEWARE THE CHUPACABRA
The lusty crimes of an obsessive perfectionist: JACK OF HEARTS, MASTER OF NONE
And a morbid popularity contest in limbo: A DRINK WITH DEATH

Also honoring past projects including: The Timing of a DayMay-December with the Nose and ClammySpellbound the Musical AdventureBroken CrayonsUnder The VeilA Woman in ProgressWhat If?The Dream Vault CycleHomebodies and upcoming AmpathyVox PopuliThe Vice of BertheMoonshine in B Minor and The Music of Shadow.

The music is awe-inspiring, their shows will soon conquer Broadway and beyond
— The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York
By the end of the play, you’ll feel that dizzying awareness of life, in the moment you are living it
— Lin-Manuel Miranda, Manhattan Times
Like Godpsell on acid. A breathtaking mix of spoken word and musical complexity
— Broadway World
“Make a reservation and reserve judgment, this is a work to see.”
— Time Out New York